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Privacy Connection - Security Headquarters
22720 Ventura Blvd., Ground Floor
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Toll Free: 800.260.8518 | Local: 818.225.8007
Licensed Private Investigators License #: PI 23488

Bug Detection / Electronic Sweeps / Computer Forensics

Consultation & Evaluation

How vulnerable are you to phone and conference room security breaches? Employee theft? Bombing? Employee safety? Terrorism? Privacy Connection consulting team is available to provide you with plans and recommendations based on over 25 years of experience.

Custom Engineering & Design

Our engineering staff can design and manufacture products to meet your specialized requirements.

Electronic Eavesdropping Sweeps

Privacy Connection's team of professional surveillance specialists are highly trained to detect audio or video infiltration. We have conducted effective sweeps for Fortune 500 companies across the country and around the world.Our team of professional surveillance specialists are highly trained to detect audio, video, telephone, hidden cameras, audio taps, and computer infiltration.


The experts at Privacy Connection conduct seminars on a wide range of security topics, including all aspects of surveillance and pro-active countermeasure solutions to today's growing security problems.

Setup & Installation

Our highly trained installers can provide you with the expertise necessary to complete any covert installations.


A highly skilled Privacy Connection team is available to train your personnel in specific areas on-site. This team knows how communicate, motivate and inspire for the highest level of security.